The 5th International Symposium on Environmental Analytical Chemistry (ISEAC 5 - Asia)

Symposium: May 16-20, 2017

Deadline of Abstract Submission: March 31, 2017

Venue: Rex Hotel, 141 Nguyen Hue Boulevard, Ho Chi Minh City

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  • Hội thảo khoa học 04
  • Rex Hotel
  • Bitexco Financial Tower 2
  • Bitexco Financial Tower
  • Hội thảo khoa học
  • Hội thảo khoa học 03
  • Hội thảo khoa học 02


Registration for the eco-tour is open till 10:00 AM Friday (May 19, 2017)


During the symposium, the participants can register at the reception desk for one day of eco tour on May 20, 2017 (Saturday, $40). The destination of the tour is Can Gio biosphere reserve, located in the coastal zone of Ho Chi Minh City. This biosphere reserve is famous for its diversity of mangrove plant species, mangrove-dwelling invertebrates, and mangrove-associated fish. In addition, it is also an important habitat for migratory shorebirds due to the presence of intertidal mudflats and sandbanks.

The monkey island is inside the mangrove forest. As expected, you can see the monkey everywhere. They are not afraid of people sometimes would swipe at your ankles and try to grab your ponytail if your hair is up. By taking motorboat ride through the waterways, you will visit the reconstructed VC’s Rung Sac base and crocodile farm. You will also have a good time enjoying and buying local specialties in Can Gio.

Itinerary of the tour will be updated in May. Please visit this page again for more detailed information.


Last updated: 18/05/2017

You stay here: Eco Tour

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